ADVERT: London Fashion Stylist Juliet Andrew-Orji Starts Bold Accessories Concept #BitchMeansBusiness

 A statement-making philosophy and business, London-based BITCHMEANSBUSINESS, unveils its first line of accessories in Nigeria with rhinestone nail rings. Founded by London fashion stylist Juliet Andrew-Orji in 2015, her first creations are the only nail rings that cover the entire nail in a choice of two styles. Top fashion, lifestyle and culture blog, Venus Bay ( has been selected as the first distributor for the Nigerian market. 


"These nail rings are a discovery of mine that started when I was having a really bad nail day. I love both nail rings and wearing nail polish, and I researched options for combining these adornments," says BITCHMEANSBUSINSS founder, Juliet Andrew-Orji. "In thinking about these rings – it was then – I decided to start the brand of BITCHMEANSBUSINESS for selling them. 

"The brand BITCHMEANSBUSINESS refers to an attitude for the new generation of women who are fashion-conscious and fierce in their love of individuality." 

The premiere collection from BITCHMEANSBUSINESS offers two styles in its range of nail rings: 

The Deb 
The Deb nail ring has a classic oval shape that covers the nail tip with rhinestones, with gold- tone band and face. Sold individually at N1,800 or as a five piece set at N8,000. 

The Claw 
The Claw nail ring is curved and pointy covered with rhinestones and supported with a thick gold-tone band. Sold as a set of five for N10,000. 

Fashion stylist and personality, Juliet Andrew-Orji, resides between London and Lagos. She is a Style Ambassador for, a global e-tailer for wearable avant-garde clothing, based in London and Abu Dhabi. Juliet will expand the range of BITCHMEANSBUSINESS to introduce exciting and audacious accessories throughout 2015.

Juliet Andrew-Orji
Founder + Creative Director, BITCHMEANSBUSINESS 

London fashion stylist and vintage aficionado, Juliet Andrew-Orji, has collected costume jewellery from visiting Portobello Market since childhood. Particular to alluring rings and statement necklaces, her emphasis on style and individuality stems from a desire to celebrate the art of accessories. 

The creative result is a collection of charming and striking rings - showcasing fingernails revamped and latticed like glittering claws - to rethink traditional approaches to hand adornment. These finger rings are introduced under the new brand "BitchMeansBusiness" and according to Juliet, "... have been carefully selected without compromise." 

Based between London and Lagos, Juliet has held positions with the United Nations and BBC and hopes to translate her love of the fierce, independent woman through accessory selections by BitchMeansBusiness. 

Juliet is also a brand ambassador for, an e-tailer providing wearable avant-garde to its global clientele. 
BitchMeansBusiness will continue to expand its range of exciting and audacious pieces throughout 2015.

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