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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

GHEN! GHEN!! Igbos Map Out 5 Years Plan To Leave Lagos By 2020

Following the xenophobic attempts, unhealthy social jealousy and the attempt at embarrassing people of the South-East origin residing and doing business in lagos, the following 5 year plan has been drawn up for deliberation by igbos for plans to leave lagos in the same fashion the israelites left Egypt, reports.The list which was obtained by from a Chieftain of Ohanaeze Ndigbo on condition of anonymity, contain 5 strategic point mapped to be carried out on or before the year 2020.Read Below:

1. Relocation of Igbo Children: The first on the list is the policy of sending igbo children, teens, undergraduate to schools in the east

this would lead to more than 3 million igbo students presently schooling in lagos and neighbouring schools migrating to the east leading to inflow of capital to the east to the tune of N60B
per session at the average rate of N20000 per student.

The resultant effect will be the triggering of new investment in the educational sector never seen since the end of the civil war.

Also investment in stationery manufacturing, construction of school buildings, broadband Internet infrastructure, aviation business, etc will add value to the eastern economy and put a lot of people into employment.

2. Relocation Of Investment: Second on the list is the gradual relocation of igbo investments and capital from the city of lagos back to the East.

This will require utmost care and precision and advise of finance experts.

First to be considered are the financial and stock broking and services companies like banks, insurance etc.

Banks with total igbo ownership or considerable influence like Fidelity, Diamond, UBA, Zenith Access, Union should fuse into a powerful financial alliance and plan on how to relocate to either Enugu, Port Harcourt.

This would lead to relocation or more than 2/3 of the banking business capital to the east. The relocation will see to the movement of Nigeria's financial capital to port Harcourt where they will be the major player as these banks form the core of Nigeria systemic banks .

Also the movement of financial services companies which would follow this move will lead to stock broking firms, insurance firm, accounting and auditing companies boosting the economy of the

3. Consolidated Movement Of Nollywood To Enugu: The movie industry which igbos founded single

handedly and built to the third largest film industry in the world should without delay be moved to enugu .

Movies must now be made, shot, produced in Enugu.

Enugu government collaboration will be needed in building theme parks and allocations of land or zone for the sighting of film studio and film or motion picture schools.

The relocation of Nigerian music industry, the industry which is controlled by igbos like Don jazzy,
P-square, Flavor ,Nigga Raw ,J martins etc with nollywood will form the largest entertainment capital in Africa. This relocation will be followed up by
recording companies

4. Relocation Of The Trading Empire In Alaba, Ladipo etc: The huge trading empire which has been under attack by vultures who often impose arbitrary taxes, annual registration fees and babaloja need to be

relocated to the safe cities in Aba and Onitsha.

This would require making the river niger navigable, the deep sea port in Akwa ibom completed and a rail link from Akwa Ibom to Aba and Onitsha.

The relocation will lead to a more than N10 billion exchanging hands on daily basis in Aba and Onitsha

5. Relocation Of The Oil And Gas Industry To Niger Delta: Firstly this is for international oil and gas

companies that originally had their head quarters in Niger Delta until 1969 when some roques with decree relocated the headquarters to lagos in the worst form of robbery and deprivation ever known
to man.


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