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So, you live in Abuja, or visit Abuja or you have heard of Abuja, right? For those of us who stay here, we are ensconced with the capital, for those who don’t, the city holds an air of mystique. Abuja defies classification as it is a city like no other.
Unlike Lagos where there is still some sense of community and grass root involvement(for those who have lived long there, in certain places), in Abuja, no such camaraderie- everybody just met here. Every four years, there are new faces in town. Some stay after one cycle of four years, many others leave. Seeing someone who has lived here for 20 years is like seeing an alien.
When you are lucky enough to come across such a person, you sit back to be regaled with stories of the Abuja of old- how this and that place was ‘only bush’- how that place was a forest or how only criminals or junkies inhabited a place that is now a swank estate or shopping district.
The place is evolving and we are never short of excitement- if it is not Senators racing down IBB way to stop Saraki from voting himself Senate president, it is #BringBackOurGirls campaigners matching through the streets to Aso Rock or multitudes following the Buhari trekker from Airport road right up to APC secretariat
The city is in a constant state of flux, the inhabitants in a state of perpetual motion. Hate it or love it, Abuja is a city pregnant with expectation for each resident, a city where every new day comes with fresh hope. We love it because, this is perhaps the only city in the whole wide world where you can go to bed hungry but sit down somewhere the following evening as a millionaire.
Here are some other reasons, just 20 of them, why we love Abuja and can’t live anywhere else.
1. We love our wide expressways
Yes, we commute about on city roads only comparable to the autobahns of Germany and the Interstate freeways of America. As more and more people troop into Abuja every day, the roads are getting busier, but by and large, we go about on the major highways without the traffic and log jams present on similar roads in Lagos and even Port Harcourt.
AIrport Road, Abuja
Umaru Yar adua Road, the approach from the airport. As seen from the Lugbe Interchange
AYA- kubwa
AYA- Kubwa Expressway. The Approach from Kubwa. As seen around Mambilla Barracks
Area 1 Roundabout. As seen from the bridge
2. We love our gardens
There are two ways of relaxing after a hard day’s work in Abuja- either indoors (lounge or bar) or outdoors (gardens & parks where you can get a bottle of beer at pump price). In Lagos, doing one for the road in the evening after work means seats arranged on gutters covered with wood, on tight streets with almost no parking, in Abuja, relaxing in the evening means sitting out at cozy gardens in cool surroundings.
At our gardens, businesses are initiated and only closed at the office. We love this little privilege we enjoy and I guess that’s why Abuja people are still sane, why we are still normal people.
Abuja Gardens
Durumi Garden
Interior of the Garden
Interior of the Garden
Durumi GArden
Rumfa Garden, APO
Rumfa Garden, APO
3. We love our estates, even if most are empty
Abuja has some of the most exotic estates you can think of anywhere in the world ( by nomenclature that is). We have Brains & Hammers (Apo), Sun City (Galadima), Sunnyvale, Lake View (Jabi), Imani Estate (maitama), Tetra Pak, Croydon, Maitama Heights, Peggy’s Pointe, The Ancestors Court, among many others.
We love these estates for the peace and tranquility they offer even though half are almost empty due to their ridiculous prices. Much of Abuja residents belong to the aspirational category, so we simply love passing by them, as they remind us to make it big time, very quickly, to come buy houses there.
Abuja estates
Approach to Sun City
Sun City
Games Village
Inside Games Village
Brains & Hammers Access Road
Brains & Hammers
Valley Estate
4. We love Our Scenic Attractions & landmarks
Yes, we are treated to tourist sites everyday as we go about our normal business. We don’t need to travel to far away lands to stand infront of tall meaningless buildings and start snapping. We have mountains, hills and rocks inundating our landscape, that we see every day as we drive to work or go to the market. Aso Rock, Zuma Rock among many others.
Aso Rock
Aso Rock
Zuma Rock
Abuja Rock
5. Yes, we have a Lake too, and we love it
Eehn, even if it is artificial, we still love it. Lake Chad is too far, and Boko boys have annexed that one, so Berger created our own Lake for us, Jabi Lake. This is a man made lake, located between Jabi and kado Districts, that has amazing sites alongside it’s green vegetation where we relax and catch fun.
We don’t have Takwa Bay, Snake Island, Eleko or Oniru, but atleast we have Jabi for our relaxation and other social activities.
Jabi Lake
Jabi LaKe
Jabi, Abuja
Jabi Lake
6. We love the diversity- Abuja is not all glam
Yes, there are shanties and slums located right within Abuja. And I don’t mean Nyanyan, or Maraba or One Village or Jikwoyi- these are proper surburbs where rich people live. Forget what you hear about them.
I am talking about the shanties of Jabi, Durumi, Pyakasa, kuchingoro and the rest of them. These settlements have not really opened up, so several people running away from the book haram insurgency have made such places homes. They live in make shift wooden shacks and tarpaulin tents at the mercy of the elements.
Your mechanic, plumber, cobbler probably lives here too
Shanyy village in Kuchingoro
Another shnaty village in Damakasa
7. We love our road side kiosks & food carts
In all major cities of the world, they abound, and Abuja is no different. They sell anything from doughnuts to pizzas, hot dogs to indomie, rice and dodo. Frank’s a place on Aminu Kano sells hot dogs and pretty much has a standard kiosk. The others come out by night- the boys selling indomie opposite Hmedix, infront of Big Bite in Wuse 2, the carts that sell late night food for part poopers infront of extacy, just by KFC.
They do save lives, very late at night when you would ordinarily be at the mercy of mai shai..if the hunger pangs come.
Frank’s- Hot dogs in Wuse 2
8. We love our flea markets
Gonjo, Bend down, Okrika, call it what you may, but Abuja has them all. When AEPB has closed, when the police are tired, they come out around 6pm to display their wares. Even in New York, we have them, right in Manhattan, anywhere from 5th avenue to Broadway, so here to is no exception.
The girls are particularly happy- they can pick a top for N200, les than a dollar, a pair of jeans for N500, a pair of high heels for double that amount. Without them, and at the mercy of Mango, Occasions & Events, etc etc, Abuja girls will go naked. Clothes will be too expensive for them to bother buying.
Flea Market
Flea Market Along Berger
9. These Runs girls sha!!!
Talking about girls going naked because of costs, reminded me about this now permanent fixture of Abuja existence- runs girls. Call them prostitutes, awusha, oloshe, ashana, pleasure consultants, escorts, anything you want, they are here. They come from every corner- Enugu, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Lagos. They have descended on Abuja in droves.
Go to Ibiza in Area 11, they are all over. Rita Lori, they have taken charge. Eden garden in Utako, they are in control. Wuse 2 nko? Their headquarters. And they all students on the look out for a fast buck.
They sleep during the day like bats, but move out at night like owls. They all have cab men, who ferry them any thing from midnight to coded joints and fleshpots.
Bayana Bayana- the girls, the girls
10. And the coded joints & clubs
Yes, we do have them in abundance in Abuja. Some coded, some every one knows. One joint or bar or club opens in Abuja every other day, and they are never short of patronage. Abuja has the only ‘morning club’ you can think of in Nigeria- Aramis. Though small, it packs enough kick to knock out a mule. It starts by 3am and rocks till almost 6am. It is the final bus stop of every reveler that knows whatsup in Abuja.
Xtacy is one of the few places where you can treated to a cabaret in Abuja. And I don’t mean those girls that swing on the pole downstairs on the club floor. Upstairs? So much gets down. Don’t ask me what.
And of course, Krystal- this is the only club in Nigeria that rocks every single day of the week, 365 days a year. Ofcourse am not leaving out places like Sofa, The Bank, Carribean, Cubana and new kids on the block like Phantom.
Abuja Clubs
Abuja clubs
Krystal Lounge
Abuja Clubs
To Be Continued

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