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Thursday, July 09, 2015

RAPE - Break The Silence Campaign Launched By Miss Nigeria Ezinne Akudo And Friends.

The current Miss Nigeria Ezinne Akudo has begun a viral weekly campaign against sexual violence tagged "Break the Silence".  The impactful campaign edit is motored through her NGO, The Eight Foundation.

The "Break the Silence" campaign has been put together to encourage survivors of domestic violence to SPEAK OUT.

In a society where rape is not spoken about, The Eight Organization encourages women and the society at large to speak out against the dastardly act.

This weekly campaign would last for a month with different participant expressing their thought about sexual violence in different quotes.

The Eight Organization has committed its staff and resources to protect survivors legally and rehabilitate them using our experienced counselors.  

Ezinne Akudo is being supported by a long list of celebrities and influencers who have taken photos to be shared globally in order to assist us in Breaking The Silence against rape and to properly educate people on how to seek help in an incident of rape or domestic violence. Most importantly the campaign is geared towards the trend in "suffering in silence" by being vocal about it and getting help!

Find below the images of the first 6 participants:

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