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Friday, July 03, 2015

SPECIAL SPOTLIGHT: Fani Kayode's fiancee, Precious Chikwendu is a fantastic actress + seven other things you should know about her (photos)

Ah, she is!

A few weeks back, we brought you Sodas and Popcorn's review of the new movie Thy Will Be Done, (HERE)...well, we finally got to see the movie this week and it was cool indeed, however the ending was so unexpected!

Anyway. Femi Fani Kayode's fiancee, Precious Chikwedu aka Snow white featured in it and she interpreted her role as a Lawyer really well..quite an impressive performance from her.Can't wait to see her feature in more movies :)
Just so you know, Beautiful and brainy, Precious Chikwendu is the first Nigerian to become the Miss United Nations International –which she won in July 2014. 
Precious, who is about ending her reign as Miss United Nations 2014, loves Femi Fani-Kayode for real and not for his money!
She describes her man as a wonderful package from God and pampers him with pounded yam and ogbonno soup.
She is strong christian too  "Growing up was fun, very interesting. I grew up with my siblings because I came from a strong Christian background. It took me a long time to convince my parents to permit me to take part in a beauty pageant because my mum saw it as an abomination to watch her daughter wear bikini on stage. 
They never wanted me to be a showbiz person. Even when I tell my mummy it’s fashion, she would say ‘a child of God must not dress scandalously.’ Sometimes, she would cast and bind the demons on me saying ‘I deliver you from wearing short dresses.’ Sometimes, when I am sleeping, she would lay her hand on me and scream “I cast and bound you demon of modeling from my daughter and the evil that want to corrupt her” and I would jump up and scream, ‘Mummy!! Mummy!!  Is everything ok?’ Then she will say ‘I am praying for you.’ 
The one that really pained her was when she saw me on a calendar with just towel on. I actually modeled for a soap-making company. That was in 2007. So, the calendar was in my room. Then she came to visit me in school and she saw the calendar on my wall. Normally, I hide such thing from her, but I forgot, then she came and saw it.  She just screamed ‘what is wrong with you? Why are you the only one tying towel? The other girls are well dressed.’ 
I told her my skin is clear, the company wanted a clear, fair skinned girl and that is why I was chosen to tie the towel. I had to beg her until she was calm. Then, my dad also saw the same picture on a billboard while he was traveling. He called me immediately and was angry. I had to explain to him and promised never to do it again. But trust me, I did it. But I also apologized to them whenever they saw any advert of me they don’t like. After a while, they gave up. 
That was when I contested for Miss Nigeria 2010. But I did not win. They called me to console me and also advised me. They were happy for me. Today, my dad buys me movies; my mum also buys some. In fact, she calls me by my character names sometimes. Any movie I do, she will pick the character name and call me by the name. Especially the one in one of my movie called “Oyeozi”. In the movie, my name was Amaka, the next day she called on phone and said ‘Amaka di gu gi he nuo’, meaning, ‘Amaka, if you feel like getting married, go ahead’. I am very close to my mum and she loves me dearly."
And no, she is not into acting for the money
"I am not into acting because of the money. It is just for the passion I have for it. I manage a company. I am comfortable. So, I am not in Nollywood for money. I just love acting as a career."

Her family members in support of her relationship with Femi Kayode
 If my man is not known to my family how will my father allow his daughter to live with him? My parents are very happy with him. They also communicate with him as often as possible. He is a friend to everyone in my family. At every point, they come around to visit me. Everybody in my family knows I am living with my man. I am actually a family person. Most times, my mum checks on me. My brother and sister also visit me often. But my favorite sibling is my sister, Victoria. I love her dearly.
Her journey into Nollywood:
Obi Emeloye, the producer of the movie called Last Flight.  We met when he came to Calabar to check on a location for his movie. He persuaded me and encouraged me to act in his movie. I was reluctant initially but after a while, I made up my mind. I went back to Lagos, took up a role and today I am everywhere.
Being harassed by producers/directors:
I have never encountered such experience. Maybe because I am a strict person. I am very selective. I don’t act any how film. I don’t give men the chance to be close to me unnecessarily because I am contented with my man.
How much she loves Fani Kayode
He is God sent to me. Words are not enough to express how I feel about him. He is so loving, God fearing, courageous, caring, understanding, and intelligent and a wonderful lover to me. No one can be compared to him in this world. He is the best. He has got all I wanted in a man. So I have made my choice. I always pray for him and make him happy at all times. 
He likes Ogbono soup and pounded yam and I know how to prepare it properly for him. I also do a lot of Afang soup, Trust me I am a good cook.  I am reserved.  I don’t party at night. I only go out if it is called for with my man. Off course, I am always home, caring for my man and putting things in order.

 Queen precious is a welcoming person who would love to be with her man, read lovely novels, and cook lovely meals. Because I love cooking, laugh with friends, sing aloud in the house and also dance, watch a movie and read a chapter of the Bible as the spirit leads and pray to God


 Femi has banned her from kissing in the movies:
I don’t think I will go ahead to act any role that my fiancé will not permit me to act. I have lots of respects for him. So, I am not ready to kiss any actor romantically in a movie. No amount of money can entice me. I act for fun. Like I said earlier on, not for the money. I don’t want anything to tarnish my image in the industry. Money is not everything. I act to ease pressure. It’s not a do or die affair for me. 
It' s like she is still a virgin:
So many people believe that for you to be a beauty Queen you must sleep with the organisers. I will use myself as an example. By the grace of God, this is my second crown and I have not slept with any organizer or producer. And I can never do that. I can proudly say that I am a pride to Nigeria and the world as a whole. The Bible also told us that a good name is better than riches and above all I always say to myself, whatever is yours will always be yours…. It all depends on individuals.

 Oh by the way, Femi Faani-Kayode was discharged and acquitted of money laundering two days ago .Precious was at the court with him!




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