Aww! Jackie Chan To Visit Nigeria (See When)

 I will like to see much admire Jackie!..Famous Hong Kong actor and stunt artist, Chan Kong-sang, popularly known as Jackie Chan will visit Nigeria on September 4, 2015.
Jackie Chan who is also a film director, producer and singer will not visit Nigeria in person but as a leading screen character in Dragon Blade, directed by Daniel Lee.
Dragon Blade is Chan’s latest work that has been released theatrically in several countries of the world. It berths in Nigeria next month, with FilmOne acquiring the theatrical rights to exhibit it.
Dragon Blade has remained a big hit since it was released last year. The movie headlined the 2014 Abuja International Film Festival where it won most of the top awards, including the best foreign film of the Fidelis Duker-led festival Critics who have seen the movie say the cinematographic splendor, sprawling battle scenes, unconvoluted story, memorable thrilling scenes, mind-blowing stunts with pints of comic relief synonymous with the legend makes Dragon Blade a movie worth seeing.

 Set in the year 48 BC, HuoAn (Jackie Chan) serves as the captain of the Protection Squad Silk Road. A Roman General named Lucius (John Cusack) flees to the East with his legion and Publius (Jozef Waite), heir of the ruling Roman Consul, to escape from the corrupt Emperor Tiberius (Adrien Brody), who plans to kill Publius and usurp the throne. They meet HuoAn at a frontier fort on the Silk Road, where they receive sanctuary. Tiberius and his army, who have pursued Lucius along the Silk Road, approach the fort with intention of killing Publius and ambitions of capturing and controlling the Silk Road. HuoAn decides to help Lucius and goes to his allies to recruit an army to fight against Tiberius. HuoAn arrives with reinforcements, and an epic battle like never seen before begins.

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