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Thursday, August 06, 2015

BUSTED!!! Woman who Secretly Use Naija Ladies for Prostitution Exposed


Hmm! Desperate ladies from Edo and Delta states, the shame some of you are bringing to us is just too bad. This show of shame has reached the level that mothers now take their daughters by themselves to take demonic oath that would enable them travel out with this woman above for prostitution.

In fact, the big girls are made to take off their clothes in the process. See shocking details below:

According to a reliable source Madam Esther Otubo Nicole (pictured above) is a Human Trafficker who send Nigerian girls into prostitution in Dubai, she videotapes Edo and Delta ladies girls n*de and recruit them into prostitution in the Arab country. A source personally got the video of two different girls.

The email below was received from an anonymous source:

There Is A Criminal On The Run And We Need To Track Her Down
This criminal is like none that you have come across before. She is a “Madam” and a human trafficker. She takes desperate young Nigerian girls on a s*x slave mission to Dubai or other Middle Eastern countries for prostitution.

Before they leave Nigeria, she would first swear the desperate girls and their mothers to some local shrine in the belief that such would place a curse of sudden death on those girls were they to disobey her.

The total amount she plans to get from each girl is about $30,000. The girl is to prostitute herself and collect money from men and keep giving such money to the woman until she agrees she has received $30,000 from the girl.

This Madam uses blackmail as an additional means of enforcing her plan. She takes avideo recording of each girl, who is made to stand fully n*de. She says to each girl that if she failed to pay her $30,000 when she gets to Dubai or elsewhere, she would release the video tape and that if she paid, she would delete the videotape. These girls apparently agreed to this. I use the word, “apparently” on purpose to raise questions about the voluntariness of these girls’ participation in this, ostensibly, some of these girls have not paid the Madam all the money she demanded of them.

That must have been what led to the Madam releasing these video. I have personally seen videos of three girls in such humiliation. People forwarded them to me in order for me to use DPA to help track down the woman that is behind all this.

A friend of mine and a member of DPA who discussed this with me yesterday over an inbox exchange has already taken some steps. He has contacted the UAE Embassy in Washington and the FBI Crime Alert. That is a reasonable action to take. Any other member of this group who knows what to do about this problem should do so.

Another Email sent in Read:
We Have Identified The Madam/Trafficker Who Videotapes and Blackmails Nigerian ladies in Dubai. We now have her particulars, and we are now seeking to get her arrested in Dubai.

There are many many Nigerian girls suffering under her control. These girls lack the ability to cry out. They are in slavery and bondage [all because of the greed for money]. We must set them free and we must have the Madam arrested.

Madam’s name is Otubo Nicole
Her Phone is: +971 55 837 88 59
City of Residence: She lives in Marina in Dubai
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Relative: She has a daughter who is serving on NYSC in Nigeria
Habit: She is a heavy whiskey drinker.

To Watch The Shocking Video of One of The Girls She Used CLICK HERE


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