Drama As Police Rescues Toddler From Mad Woman In Lagos

The insane woman hiding under a tree
It was drama recently as the Police in Festac division of Lagos state, rescued a toddler from an unidentified insane woman who was roaming the streets with the baby.
Vanguard reports that the middle-aged mad woman was always seen with two polythene bags with the toddler who was sometimes clothed and at other times, naked. The mad woman is always seen wearing the apron of ‘Lord Chosen church’ while sleeping at the main road around Fagbems filling station in Mile 2 area with the malnourished toddler. When the mad woman was taken to the Lord Chosen church at Ijesha, the church attendant rejected her and the infant, with the explanation that she is not a member of their church although she was clad in their apron.
However, when all efforts to get information about the woman became futile as she could not provide any useful information about herself. The police officers decided to take them them back to the station, where she and the child were put in an open office. Vanguard learned that at a point, the woman became very violent and attacked one of the female officers who was attending to the toddler.
When it became obvious that she wasn’t comfortable in the open office, as all attempts to keep her calm were futile, she left the premises abandoning the toddler. The next morning, the toddler who is about a year old was taken to Juvenile and Women Center, Alakara.
When the insane woman was checked, she had relocated her base near a Church located at Alakija bus stop. She was naked but still had the church apron hanging on her shoulders while taking refuge against the scorching sun under a tree.

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