LOVE OR STUPIDITY?? Meet the Iranian refugee who had surgery to impersonate Micheal Jackson (photos)

 Abbas Sharhani, an Iranian asylum seeker is now living his life as an impersonator of legendary pop singer, Michael Jackson. 
According to reports by Mailonline, Abbas left his family and fled war-torn Iran by boat when he was just 16 years old. He was held by a Darwin detention centre for three months and after his release, he straightened his hair and had plastic surgery so he could make a living as a Michael Jackson impersonator.
The 20 year old refugee has now become a mini celebrity in his own right. He however still suffers the loneliness and isolation of being a refugee. He said: "Despite the fame, it has not erased the loneliness and isolation of the experience of being a refugee so far from home and family. However I do find joy in performing for people – everyone loves Michael Jackson. From the bottom of my heart I love the way he dances."
Speaking on his strict Muslim upbringing and how his family responded to his change, he said: "They were like “why would you change your appearance and change your hair?”. They weren’t happy, they didn’t accept it. It’s difficult being far away, but I just keep doing what I’m doing. Dancing is my passion."

Abbas' transformation from refugee to Michael Jackson impersonator is the subject of a documentary, Man in the Mirror, which will debut at the Arab Film Festival Australia.

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