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Thursday, August 13, 2015

NAWAOOO!! They say prostitution is now big business in FESTAC town

Festac Town is reportedly fast becoming a haven of sex workers.
Naij reports that Prostitution has taken over Festac, so much that some say that there is a festival of sex that hold in certain parts of the town. The trade seem to be booming, as many commercial sex workers can be seen on the prowl, harassing residents.

First Avenue seem to be the most preferred spot, one notices that under the cover of the night the ladies of the night gather on the long stretch and wait patiently like birds of prey. Marijuana and cigarette smoking fill the arena and they puff and loiter the axis of the avenue.

It is sad to note that even teenagers of 14 and 15 years of age also ply the trade there at Festac town, often under the tutelage of some other experienced older ladies, who we gathered get their shares from whatever proceeds the lasses make over night.

How the ladies operate
According to our underground investigator, some of the prostitutes’ reside in the brothel located near the bridge, quite a number of them taking up rooms at the rate of N3,500 daily, a bill that is shared among two or three persons, depending on their arrangement. The ladies take tuns to entertain clients in their rooms. There are shabby details as to fees, as every one of them is to fix her own fee for services rendered.

Some the ladies interviewed revealed that it depends on the time, class and desperation of those involved. Though there is an average charge of between N1,500 and N3,000 for a short time service, while N3, 000 is the barest minimum to have a call girl spend the night with you in her room.

Crazy as it sounds, one Lucy told our undercover reporter that some of the girls would go for a three-some if the price was right. For as low as N5,000 Lucy said she could take on two men for the short time. She boasted that it was nothing special and would not wear her out.

For sums up to 10 thousand Naira, most of the girls said they would be willing to do about anything including and not limited to anal sex. With loud music booming certain beautiful blasphemies, the brothel seemed very alive, and investigations show that it goes on the same way everyday, though business as they choose to call it, worked better between Friday and Sunday.


Asides once or twice when police have come to harass them, they said there are barely accidents, except for one time when a customer was found dead the morning after he had an all night session. There was another of a girl who was found dead in her room, but there was no know cause of death and the client she had seen the day before was not identified in any way. A custom they say they have changed, and now take details of all men who come to sleep at the brothel over night.

The plight of the residents

Residents living close to the brothel say they have continue to decry the presence of such a franchise in a place that should be a residential area. They say the brothel, its harlots and the clients that patronize them cause a lot of nuisance. Loud music and noises troubling their sleep and for those with kids, they say it leaves a negative impression on their children and wards.

It is reported that they begin to play loud music from 6.00pm till 5.00am the following day.

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