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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

GHEN! Ghen! Nigerian Entertainment Awards Trailed By Ownership Scandal

What really happened?Why is she speaking up after so long?

Something is going on with Nigerian entertainment awards....

Something i think you should time to read...

Yes I started NEA

Yes I registered the Company Nigeria Entertainment Awards Inc

Yes I gave the company over to Tope Esan and Martin Fayomi because Martin threatened to have me deported. the NEA was Dissolved and we joined hands to do the 2nd NEA together

Why did I allow them dissolve the company: Because no one ever wants to be deported back home. it was all over Facebook at the time that i didn't have my papers and since I didn't want any legal issues I gave in to them. I did not know my rights then. I was too naive, too scared and too trusting.

Why am I telling my story now after 10year: I really wanted to attend the 10th Anniversary event and wish them well.. Actually and quite honestly It came as a shock to me when a business associate asked me for a reference to events and shows I had created and successfully produced and I tried to google my name with NEA and there was nothing to found. That is when I started asking QUESTION

Why were you Asking Question and to Who: Anyone who did their homework and didn't get credit for it will not be happy. I am putting the Question to Tope Esan, Martin Fayomi, Dj zimo and Cos Canino. I am curious to know why there are no mention what so ever of the 1st NEA on their website and why all the press releases from the 1st Edition are gone and all the Search Engine Optimization done were taken down. Why aren't the list of the 1st winners listed on the site. 

Something is Fishy and it got me confused: What got me confused now is that the so called agreement they gave me to sign over to them to have NEA dissolved was for Nigeria Image Awards instead of NEA so they technically HAD me. I let them dissolve the NEA (Nigeria Entertainment Awards) I created for shares in NIA (Nigeria Image Awards) that doesn't exist why they continued with NEA. 

Please find attached my NEA Story


Linda Ofukeme Dominguez

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