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Friday, September 11, 2015

NICE ONE: Honourable Hon Tony Nwulu (Member Representing Oshodi/Isolo Federal House Of Reps) Marks His 100 Days In The Office

Outside the divisiveness that characterized 2015 election, something remarkable and profound took place during that electoral period which many people did not take notice of

A revolution that was not televised happened somewhere in Lagos. A new Nigeria emerged from the ruins of that old era.

History was made in Lagos state as 3 remarkable individuals who were not from Lagos state won election to represent their constituencies in the lower chamber at Abuja and one of them was Honourable Tony Nwulu, a man passionate about touching lives and whose record these 100 days has been nothing but exemplary.

100 days after this revolution that was not televised took place, Honourable Tony Nwulu (Member Representing Oshodi/Isolo Federal House Of Reps) has stood tall in the discharge of his duties to show that this revolution was not a fluke and was worth every sweat of the masses that saw to the success of it.

Honurable Tony is the honourable representing the constituency of this writer and from the little investigation carried out by him before penning this, the constituency that Tony represents never had it this good before
After his inauguration as member of House of Representatives , this distinguished honourable hit the ground running by touching lives and visiting his constituency members who are in dire need of help and succor.

His first assignment was to visit General hospital Isolo where he bailed out members of his constituency who were cash strapped and whom were looking for financial palliatives to bail themselves out
Honourable Tony was the Daniel that came to judgement for them, he wrote off the hospital bills of these ones who were looking up to heaven for help, assisted those that needed cash assistance and then personally went around to tour the hospital facility and to know how he could be of help using his leverage as a legislator in Abuja.

As if this was not enough, Tony visited primary schools located in his constituency and was not happy the deplorable conditions that he met them. He made a promise that the will personally use his contacts in Abuja to make sure that all the schools under his jurisdiction are fixed and not only this, he shared his grass to grace story with the pupils of the schools, encouraging them to read their books and work hard because education was the masterstroke that brought him out of poverty and this can be the story of these ones if they work hard, take their studies serious and excel academically.

Because of Tony Nwulu's intervention, many vulnerable and poor people in his constituency has been assisted financially, he has paid the schools fees of many who could not afford to do that, he has assisted unemployed graduates to get Jobs from his constituency without making noise about it. He has been a blessing to the people and to so many that gave him their mandate to go to Abuja.

Elders and aged in his constituency now regularly receives stipend, a form of social security from this man with a big heart
The police station at Ajao estate which was neglected for so long is going through a radical transformation because Tony understood that the revolution that brought him to power requires service and being a servant leader to the people that elected you.

To mark his 100 days in office and to give a proper account to the people that invested their mandate on him, an event held yesterday in Lagos where this restless young man cum legislator gave account of his service
The high point of the occasion was the donation of Hundreds of computers (installed with educational software) donated to 32 public secondary schools to aid in digital learning. Free school buses were also made available for all public schools (Primary and Secondary) to ease transportation challenge. Free exercise books were equally distributed to primary schools.

It was Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger who said and I quote

"Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring your own life."

In a time and age where the only news that comes out of Abuja is the squabble for leadership between APC and PDP legislators, it is heart warming and breath of fresh air to see a man who choose to be different and who understood what public service is and should be and have been diligent and efficient in the discharge of these duties in many ways
Congrats to this pro-masses honourable as he clocks 100 days in the office
If he could do all these giant strides within 100 days , then suffice it to say that the days ahead is bound to be an interesting one.

What Honourable Tony story tells us is that a new Nigeria is possible and yes I believe.

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