FACE OF HE WEEK: Philia Neves Temb‎ Of Angolese - Portugese‎  Father Dazzles In New Photos

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder but in this case is in the eyes of everyone who beholds her gracious and alluring presence.

During her formative years, Philia Neves Temb  was the toast of all who came across her especially because of her beauty and intelligence. Her passion to achieve her dreams grew as she advances in age.
Born of a‎ Angolese - Portugese  Father and Congolese Mother, the undergraduate of  Schiller International University is indeed a perfect paragon of beauty whose simplicity portrays what the golden image of the world should be. A soft spoken damsel who loves life and lives with class.
‎Philia who used to work in embassy of Greece in her  country has also done internship with Cuba embassy and Serbia

The uniqueness of her beauty is not only in her face or her character but also style and elegance. She is someone whose loveliness can make anyone's darkness to shine.

The light -skinned diva who majors in International relations and diplomacy in school is a woman whose beauty and intelligence makes way for her in most of her endervours.

This is what she had to say about AlexReports,in her words " I think he's very hardworking and is someone with alot of perseverance, me and my friends read his blog and each time we wonder what can make some one be featured on it since we are not celebrities. On how long she has know him she said " ‎I have known him for about 8 months now, when we first met in early February Africa during a visitation to my country - Republic Of Congo.
The 21 year old Philippine as she is fondly called by friends is one young lady whose beauty is only comparable to Egyptian princess in the court of Pharaoh.  She is the FACE Of The Week and will be featured on several platforms online including a VIP flight ticket to Nigeria for an event in Abuja‎ this year.


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