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Monday, October 19, 2015

BURSTED!!! Man Who Buried Girlfriend After She Died From A Failed Abortion Has Been Arrested

A 39-year-old man, Chamberlin Ojoko from Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA, Imo State, allegedly gave his pregnant girlfriend, Chinonye Ella, 25, a local abortion concoc­tion
The concoction caused fatal adverse reaction that resulted in her death
on July 20, 2015. Like some­one acting out a well-scripted plan, Ojoko was
alleged to have calmly gone home to borrow a shovel from his brother, Pastor Sopuruchi and buried the corpse of the deceased girlfriend in a shallow grave, which he dug at the back of an uncom­pleted building owned by one Dr Maduakolam Ukaegbu, a kinsman.
“On July 20, 2015, I took my. girlfriend to an uncom­pleted building around6:30pm. My girlfriend took the herbal medicine, but later she started writhing in pain. Then she died. I ran to my house and took a shovel; I carried her body to the side of the building. I dug the ground and buried her in a shallow grave.”

Believing in his heart that he had covered his deed like Cain, who killed his brother Abel, Ojoko re­turned to Port Harcourt, to the warm embrace of his unsuspecting and pregnant wife. But unknown to him, a certain little girl had seen him carry out the dead body of Chinonye, and dump it in the grave he dug.

The little girl later told the owner of the building about the horrific crime she saw. After the shock of the reve­lation wore off, Dr. Ukaegbu ran to the Ezinihitte police station to report what he was told by the girl.

The police station contacted the Head of the Homicide Unit at the Imo State headquarters in Owerri, Supol Inno­cent Obi, who led his men, Pastor Sopuruchi Ojoko (brother of the suspect) and Dr. Ukaegbu, to Port Harcourt, where Chamberlain Ojoko was arrested.

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