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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

EVIL GIFT!! Check Out The Cake A Secret Girlfriend Sent to Married Lover to Wreck His Marriage

So a source sent the photo of this controversial cake to blog that it was the birthday present a desperate side chic sent to her married lover. Her motive is to make sure the cake was delivered to the man's wife before he got back from work that day so that the wife will fight her husband.

But what is the desperate lady's main agenda? Details below:

My source say the lady, who is one of the Lagos big girls looking for a ready-made-man to marry, want to move into the man's house at all cost and causing a fight between him and his wife, she thought, will eventually force the man to send his wife out of his house and make it very easy for her to move in with him in his home on the island.
Good thing is that the wife managed to ignore the lady's cake and went ahead to celebrate her husband's birthday in peace. #wisdom

1 comment:

  1. wise woman! Great Wife!


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