See Jobs that Make it Difficult for Ladies to get Good Husband


I don't know how true this research is, but someone just shared details of jobs that are depriving ladies the opportunity of finding a husband or getting married to the right man. See the list:

1. Strippers
This is a profession ladies do at expensive lounges and bars where they display almost all the glory of their body for viewers discretion to enjoy. Hardly can you see any sensible man who will marry such.

2. Prostitution
People often say that getting acquitted to a prostitute is not a bad idea, but the truth is, how many men can keep their eyes wide open and take such a decision. Ladies who go into prostitution find it very difficult to find husband unless they hide under the canopy of born again, just as we see in churches.

3. Marketers
Most men believe that ladies who are into marketing are promiscuous in nature due to the unrealistic target set by some organization. These are category of ladies you see in financial institution with deflated bosom as if "Olympus has fallen".

4. Acting/Modelling
Most actresses live exorbitant lifestyles that can chase guys away. Men often bash female actress and modellers because they believe that they always offer their body to producers in a bid to get famous.

5. Weight Lifters
Many guys are like "I no fit marry woman wey go dey beat me for house."

6. Paramilitary and Military Force
As a single lady if you join a paramilitary or military force, the chances to getting a husband may be slim because guys will assume such ladies will possess arrogant behaviour.

7. Alcoholic Drinks Sellers
Ladies who sell alcoholic drinks stand the chance of being molested by drunkards. A guy seeing that his girlfriend is being sexually embarrassed by drunks may not find it funny at all.

8. Offshore job
Life at offshore is not easy because the workers face harsh weather condition like cold, etc even though their monthly take home is huge. Ladies who fall under this category of profession seldom have time for social life as there may be delay in getting husband

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