EXCLUSIVE: Tonto Dike’s husband, CHURCHILL Attacked By Hoodlums In Ghana

‎‎Churchill photo -2
Tonto's hubby – CHURCHILL
OLAKUNLE CHURCHILL the husband of star actress, Tonto Dike was recently attacked few days ago with his friend who had just returned from the United States of America, on a visit to Ghana for the first time.
Churchill, who had just picked up his business partner cum friend from the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana, had his car blocked by a group of young men who immediately brought out harmful weapons to attack them after first pretending to be allies.
But when things went out of hands, the security men were called into action as they reacted swiftly and made sure that serenity was restored and Churchill and his friend were driven home safely.
In reporting to this reporter, the attack according to the security personnel (who has asked that his name and that of his colleagues be kept unknown for now), who witnessed everything that occurred that night said that the duo was saved by the sheer grace of God; because the hoodlums who caused the stir in the neighborhood came with vicious intentions tracing Churchill and friend from outside, but they were halted by the tight security men who were guarding the environs at that moment.
Churchill photo -1
Churchill & the Friend who were attacked
According to our further follow-up on this issue, we can report that both Churchill and his friend have formally made their own side of the story known to the district police station in the area.
Also, whatever may follow suit in regards to this case, we shall bring to the notice of the public accordingly.
Churchill is the CEO of Big Church Entertainment outfit in Ghana, a subsidiary of the Big Church Group. It might interest you to know that the Group currently operates in over 10 industries across 3 different countries worldwide. They have a reputation for delivering excellence, professional services, and enjoy strong relationship with all our stakeholders. With a vision to be the most successful African Holding Company Leading in every sector they operate in, the Group has seen amazing growth and expansion under the astute and competent leadership of Chairman of the Group. Other branches in the group are: Big Churchill Haven Limited, Big Church Entertainment. They also manage Business Communications, Total; provide Security Solutions, into Real Estate, Printing & Publishing, ICT (Software / Hardware) and Programming.
Churchill will be receiving an award on the 3rd of December, 2015, in recognition to his dedication and passion to what he loves best.‎

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