FLEXING TINZ: Ex-Beauty Queen Chioma Grace Egboh Holidays In Cape Town With Friends! (Photos)

Following her handover as Miss Ambassador For Peace Diaspora 2014 recently at the star-studded coronation and award night of the pageant‎ in Abuja, Miss Chioma Egboh traveled to Cape Town to cool off
Speaking with her from South Africa she said" I needed a brief change of environment to relax and Cape Town seems to be my option for now because my brother and cousins stay's been a busy year for me, with this visit and the fun with my people here, I believe I will return fully prepared to carry on with the projects of my foundation - Chigolden Aid Foundation"
The Enugu state born ex-beauty queen‎ who was featured in De Prince music video " Oga Titus" is expected back to Nigeria soon with a bang.
"Wow‎! It's been an exciting experience here, my cousins and brother have been making my day" She stressed.


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