Northern Caps Costs Between N45,000 – N120,000 And I Had 70 Of Them – Naeto C

Music act, Naeto C has said when he was much younger and feeling the vibes, the more reason he wore mostly Northern caps was because he lived in Abuja and was influenced by Northerners. Aside that, he said the cap was also cool. He told Ademola Olonilua, that he had 70 then and one costs between N45,000 – N120,000. He said he could afford to buy one of N50,000 and dash it out immediately to a fan because he was single with no responsibilities. He however admits he can’t try that now saying he is a family man with responsibilities. He also spoke about why he loves wearing native attires, saying he feels more comfortable in them. Continue…

How many of those caps did you have?
I had a lot. I had about 70 of them and those caps are not cheap. The least expensive one I bought was about N45, 000. They have some that cost as much as N120, 000. There is one they call Senator and that is what our senators wear. Those ones cost about N30, 000. They are not cheap at all. Back then, I could afford to buy them because I was still a bachelor and I did not have any responsibility. There was no mouth to feed so I could buy a cap for N50, 000 and after a show, I would dump it at home or give it out to a fan.
Why do you like wearing native attire?

It is because I am very comfortable in them. I think I have reached a stage in my life whereby I feel like it is important to do what you want to do as opposed to what the society expects you to be doing. One has to grow and you have to evolve. You have to dress in the best way that is comfortable for you. Wearing the native attire makes me feel down to earth. I have a great sense of fulfilment when I wear native attire and it makes me feel like a regular guy. Sometimes, it is not what my manager or publicist wants but at the end of the day, I don’t want to feel like I am in a cage. I don’t want to feel like I cannot go to the mall or the bank to get my BVN. I don’t want to be in a cage because I am a superstar. Also, I love our culture and I have this sense of patriotism whenever I wear the native attire especially outside Nigeria. I am very patriotic.

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