Ex-Beauty Queen Explains How She Got Her Shape Back 3 Weeks After Giving Birth

Former Miss Delta State, now actress, Lizzygold Onwaje has explained how she got her trimmed body back just three weeks after giving birth. Lizzy told Potpourri in a chat;
“After birth, I avoided fatty, oily and solid meals. All I did was drink hot liquid meals for a week with very light meals. And then, I did exercises on my tummy. I didn’t give it a break and I always drank very hot pepper soup made by my mum. Pepper soup is medicinal and that did the magic for me. I did pelvic bone exercise, it is good to exercise the first week after birth because then the tummy fat is still very tender and will be easy to burn” she said.
So just incase you are trying to lose that pregnancy fat, you can steal Lizzy’s idea.

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