Exclusive: Ex-Beauty Queen Starts Anti-bleaching Campaign

Ex-beauty queen, researcher and entrepreneur Dr. May Ikora in her bid to fight against bleaching beauty products in Nigeria, launches anti-bleaching range of skin products, L'Avyanna Organic Skin Care Natural Products.
Dr May Ikora
Dr May Ikora
The one-time 1st runner up Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN), 2003 and Miss ECOWAS, is ready to put an end to the unhealthy choice to the attainment of beauty by proffering easy access to natural and healthy skincare in the country and abroad.
Speaking with AlexReports, May Ikora disclosed that her new range of beauty products are targeted at women to love their natural skin and are not ready to compromise it. Adding that it is also targeted at because often times they are forgotten when it comes to skincare even though they are very loyal customers.
A sample of L'avyanna for men
L'avyanna for women
L'avyanna for women
She further added she is not establishing L'avyanna Skin Naturals for a short time business but for a life time business that can stand the test of time.
May Ikora said: "I am looking for to more people patronizing me because this is not a short term cash and carry business for me but more of a long term business. I want to see L'avyanna grow into a franchise and be the next body shop store in your neighborhood and Africa at large. I am not looking forward for profit but an African brand over time."‎
"Although we are based in the United Kingdom (UK), but I am looking forward to manufacturing my products in Nigeria. My products are made from natural oils which can be found in Nigeria. I am looking forward to having a store back home where people can walk in to at any time and shop for themselves, friends or loved ones."
May has worked in many African and European countries on the area of Gender and Peace building with organisations like the United Nations (UN) and the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Institute. She has a PhD in Law from the University of Hull, UK where she also taught Law students. She continues to advocate for the empowerment of young women through her Raising Girls Project in Nigeria.


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