REVEALED!!! 7 Obstacles That Might Have Kept Some Of Our Ladies From Getting Married In 2015

As the curtains of 2015 is coming to a majestic close, I want to congratulate those ladies who got wedded. Those who didn't, it doesn't matter. 2016 is around the corner, waiting to land you into your "valid" relationships or husband's houses. Amen!

However, there could have been some things you did or didn't do, as such, yours was delayed.

Every time, singles who wants to get married are asked to come out, I see a lot of girls- young and old. So, they are many and that makes this thread relevant to ALL except the babies among us tongue

NOTE: I'm speaking from one angle. You can address the other. Thanks.

What are some hindrances that could have delayed the marriages of some of our qualified Ladies:

1. Traditional Embargo:

It beats my imagination how some folks still hold firmly to this; if he's not from my place, I dare not marry him. While, it's good to heed to parent's advice, its you who will stay single till 30, not them. Please, pray and watch. Be wise.

2. "Confused" Expectations In The Kind of guy she wants.

I need a faithful guy, handsome, tall, godly, macho, good with kids, he might drink socially,good cook...if you notice; what relationship has being GODLY and DRINKING alcohol share? My advice is, write what you really really need in him. A goal not written is a wish. Wishes aren't horses anymore...while writing, remember: If you want an 100% man, get clay and mould him yourself. Wanting a man that can cook just because you can't, is denying one of the core essence that makes you a mother, wife and a woman. Learn how to cook, better. Let him just be assisting. My advice.

3. Unrealistic Financial Expectations

If he's not earning above 100k, I'm not interested. Heard that before? That's even the least. This days, just get an ok car and they're all over you. Who wan marry poor man? I get. Dangote once slept under a truck for months. If ladies truly have "eyes" to see which guy will be successful or not; while under the truck, politician's daughters would have been coming to say "Hi" to his rickety former self.
Moral Lesson: Still, follow a man for his vision. Not just for his BIG television.

4. War between her and in-laws

If he truly loves me, he'll put me above his siblings. Some girls have not yet become part and parcel of the family and their character is already exposing them. Call it wisdom, not hypocrisy. In- laws deserve respect, why? They are humans like you. I'm not speaking for myself though. Place yourself in their shoes. A girl wants to marry your brother and she's acting all "rude" and "sensitive". You won't tell him, go ahead. Will you? Unless you're like her tho...

5. Immaturity in handling little matters

He forgot my birthday, he's not worth being my "ideal" boo. I broke up with him. Did you just say that? Its absolutely wrong to forget your girl's birthday but is that the only way of solving that ish? Is there no better way? I've had to call someone to call me and wish me a Happy Birthday, with smiles on. It's no big deal. I learnt it. We all can do same. Be flexible and not immature. Most times, her actions isn't stemming from his forgetting to call her but from many other things. I understand. You can break up with him, if you confirmed he's been cheating. But, be sure. Let me not derail. Next point will explain that...

6. Pride/Ego/Unforgiveness/Unnecessary "Forming"

I'm not perfect but I know that unforgiveness pulls one back and separates two lovebirds. If he cheated on you for the first time and he reports himself that it was a mistake- haba, you shouldn't break up. One more chance. Pride and ego are the most reasons some are still lonely. Ordinary PM, you dey form, "I don't do PMs, and you are single" I think, if you're searching, be open a bit. That guy might be the next Dangote...oops! I just pressed a button there... Some girls form too much. You play hard to get to someone you like as though there is not enough serious business in marriage already: do sharp sharp joor. When he turns away now, you'll blame point 7.

7. Spiritual Attacks

One man saw the devil crying, he asked him, Badoo, why you crying? He replied, "Every little thing, they blame me for it. They even lie on my head."
Well, spiritual attacks are real though. But I believe, "the curse causeless doesn't come". Ladies don't pray too much in church UNTIL the pastor mentions, "every devil blindfolding his eyes from seeing any single lady here, die!" Then, you'll see her in action. Onetime, I saw one pretty babe who told me how she went one a very long fasting and praying sessions to get her man. They pray, but the only issue is some don't watch. #I'm in a friendly mood today# smiley

It's our prayer that God will locate every one of our single ladies in the house Next year, 2016. Amen!

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