Too Bad Jonathan’s Government Abused Our Trust – Buhari

The administration of Goodluck Jonathan spent Billions on efforts to equip the Nigerian military against Boko Haram, but there was rampant “abuse of trust”, President Muhammadu Buhari has said.

Buhari said the abuse cost the nation lives and equipment.
The president observed that his administration uncovered that the previous administration expended “billions of naira and hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire military equipment but with several abuses of trust."

He made the remark while addressing members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Buhari urged the legislature to collaborate with the executive arm of government to secure the country and effectively manage it.

“There are a lot of obstacles to be crossed. The objectives we have are to secure this country and effectively manage it,” the president said.

According to him, the major challenge in the security of the country was the threat posed by the Boko Haram insurgency but added that the leadership of the country had set clear targets toward the re-organisation, retraining and re-equipping the military to neutralize Boko Haram.

He said his administration had hoped that at the end of the rainy season organised attack would be launched against the insurgents, adding that government had also raised the morale of the soldiers to tackle the challenge.

"There were abuses of trust and that cost Nigeria a lot of lives and a lot of goodwill" he said.

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