Youths in Delta State under the aegis of Delta Youths for Peace And Advancement Initiative (DEYPAI),a group of the youths who believes in societal advancement through Education,have conferred an award of excellence on Chief PA Arthur UZOMA OKOWA in his owa-alero country home in ika north-east of Delta State as an 'ICON OF QUALITATIVE EDUCATION',according to the group national coordinator Comrade Barr Dumbili Chinonso,the award is as a result of his immense contribution to the development of grassroot education.
Pa  ARTHUR UZOMA OKOWA who is a renowned retired but not tired teacher is well known in the old Bendel division for his love of impacting knowledge into all that crosses his path,Barr Dumbili Chinonso describe PA UZOMA as a role model in area of child/youths education Advancement which is a veritable tool for human capital development,
Pa UZOMA who is a living legend whose determination and academic passion stand out in this generation as a quality worthy of emulation,the coordinator further stated that the ideas which PA UZOMA stands for can be seen in the nature and line up of books written by him among which are' EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE IN OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM' ,'THE CHILD: HIS GROWTH,DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING PROCESS' ,"SAVED TO SERVE" etc

The group secretary General Comrade Martins Abebe who presented the award plague  in a conclusion statement, took the entire gathering down memory lane, through the humble background of Pa Arthur Uzoma Okowa, who as a son from a polygamous home, despite the diverse odds against him at the time, still struggled through school and sojourned as a teacher at Akumazi Umuocha, before proceeding to Oza. Pa Okowa didn't stop there, but also taught in many schools in the old Bendel division to the extent of attaining the status of "Adult Education Organiser" in Ika North-East LGA. Furthermore, Pa Okowa, subsequently impacted his knowledge on intending teachers at Onicha Olona Teachers Training College, before piloting the opening of a new teachers College at Owa Oyibo.

Pa Arthur Uzoma Okowa, in his response, said that he feels overwhelmed and his eyes are filled with tears of joy due to this honour done to him. Pa Okowa further said that this award is coming on the heels of a similar award given to him by the Nigerian Union Teachers (NUT) few months back. He lamented at the fallen standard of education in the country today which he attributes to the cancellation of previous teachers training methods, the poor reforms in the education syllabus which has excluded allotted time for vocational\technical training, and the new status of exam malpractice as a socially accepted norm.

The epoch making occasion had in attendance among others,chief S.E otonekwu,the Eribo of Idumusah,comr Ogbe Collins the chairman of the National Association of Nigeria Student(JCC delta axis) Justice Nwatukele.
Pa ARTHUR UZOMA OKOWA is the father of the Executive Governor of Delta State.


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