Africa corruption ratings released


Africa corruption ratings released

Botswana has maintained its top rating as the least corruptAfrican country, followed by Seychelles, Rwanda, Mauritius and Namibia which made it into the top 50 least corrupt countries in the world.

The rankings are contained in the “Corruption Perceptions Index” of 2015, released this week by global anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International which analysed perceptions of public sector corruption in 168 countries.

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South Africa is positioned at 61, on par with Senegal and Lesotho, but behind Ghana, while Egypt, Algeria and Morocco are some of the few African countries ranked as suffering from middle level corruption, although visible efforts are being made to uproot the scourge.Somalia was ranked at 168 to be deemed the most corrupt country in the world.

It was followed in chronological order from the bottom by Sudan, South Sudan, Angola, Libya, Guinea Bissau, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Congo Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Chadand the Central Africa Republic to make Africa the most corrupt continent.

In a statement outlining the rankings, Transparency International called on people across the globe to speak out against all forms of corruption.


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