Not Afraid Of Lassa? See The Big Rat These Guys Killed, Roasted & Ate In Abuja (Photos)


Read according to the guy below…
Few minutes ago, While drinking water before I left a garden somewhere in Garki Abuja‎ where I just had lunch.
I saw 3 young men holding a huge live rat they just caught in the garden.
Out of curiosity, I asked them if they were aware of Lassa fever and to my greatest surprise they knew nothing of such.
From a distance, I watched them slaughter the rat, smoke it and proceeded into the kitchen where the food I ate came from.
This is a clear evidence that the publicity and enlightenment campaign given to the disease is below sufficient.
I'm starting to believe what a caller on radio said some days back; that unlike Ebola, the poor are more vulnerable to Lassa fever hence the government won't give it adequate attention.‎
Meanwhile, I just had lunch in this garden, and starting to get worried if I may have contacted the disease, and I'm picking up my daughter from school in another 2 hours.
Please guys can one get tested for Lassa fever like you get tested for HIV???
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