PHOTOS: The Nigerian Princess, Queen Jane Sampson Ekanem Holds Celebration Party For Children In Akwa Ibom!

The Nigerian Princess 2015, "Queen Jane Sampson Ekanem" on the 19th of December 2015 organised a Christmas Party for the children and others in Okobo LGA of Akwa-Ibom State.

Miss Jane Ekanem who won the pageant on the 7th of June 2015 in Bayelsa State has been outstanding and mostly emotional when it has to do with the societal needs as well as her pet projects towards under privileged persons. 
She organised this as part of her contributions to better the lives of the people around her "and to fulfil my aim at entering for TNP 2015 pageants as an eventual queen"...she said during a short interview after the successful completion of the event. 

In the spirit of Christmas, love, affection and care, I was able to gather children from all over the LGA to a lively environment, where they were lifted up of their spirit, danced to different songs, given Christmas presents, study materials; dictionaries, notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc, drinks, food and many others.
I was really impressed when I saw the "12days of Christmas song" special performance & display put together by the "Friends Of the Needy Organisation" (F.O.N.O). They played a vital role in making this event a huge success.
Some other heights of fun at the event was when I personally joined in the dance competition with the kids, conducted a mini pageant for the children and got two intelligent winners, male & female. We also gave them prizes for their performances. 

The Christmas party came to an amazing stop with smiles and Contentment in all the faces I saw at the event. I could tell it was a mission accomplished. 
I would use this medium to show appreciation to the LGA Chairman, President of FONO, my ever loving parents & siblings and mostly to the children that came out for this event. 
Without you all, I would lack the strength and motivation to be a better person.
Let me also use this chance to say the warmest thanks to THE NIGERIAN PRINCESS Pageant organisation, without this platform, I would not have been able to reach this maximum fulfilment of touching lives.
I love you all.
Stay with us for more pet projects and information with and after my reign.

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  1. God bless you queen Jane Ekanem. Yoou will never lack in Jesus name. From all of @nccwardrobe.


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