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Thursday, February 25, 2016

9 Categories Of Ladies That Use Pregnancy To Trap Men Down. A MUST Read!

9 Categories Of Ladies That Use Pregnancy To Trap Men Down

This write-up was thoroughly researched with the use of questionnairesand random sampling. However, questionnaires were administered to various males and females for precision and accuracy.

It's no news that some ladies normally use pregnancy to trap men they don't want to lose, and below are these categories of ladies

*Clears throat*

1. Ladies who are due for Marriage

In the society we live in, we all know that marital pressures are usually mounted on ladies by family members (especially mothers) when their daughters are due for marriage and they are not bringing interested or potential "chairmen" home for introduction. As result of this, when they are getting too old for marriage and can no longer withstand these family pressures, they will make sure they have unprotected sex with their boyfriends who are not making marriage proposition, and by the time pregnancy sets in, he's trapped for life!. Even the rod of Moses cannot be used to cut or untie the rope she will use to tie him down

2. Ladies who want to be Famous

In recent time, we have been celebrating shameful and disgusting acts when having a child(ren) for celebrities out of wedlock has become a thing of prestige and appraisal. However, many retar.ded ladies who have lost all dignity of a woman of virtue now shamelessly and deliberately get pregnant for celebrities and are so proud to be called"baby mamas" just to get to limelight and boost their ego. However, they force themselves on these celebrities to the extent that they use devious ways to get these celebrities drunk, rape them or seek herbalists to help cast spell on them just to becloud their senses of reasoning, after which the celebrities will unconsciously get them laid. And by the time pregnancy sets in, they will start advertising it to the world that Wizkid or Davido impregnated them and they are proudly carrying their babies. Waaat a shame !!!

3. Ladies who are Money Lovers

We live in a country where virtually every lady seeks financial security as a consideration before accepting to date or marry a man. However, when a lady sees that you are fully loaded or you have the prospects or tendency of achieving a lot more in the future, she concludes that her future is secured around you, therefore, she will be waiting for the day you will mistakenly impregnate her, and I can assure you that you are trapped till the end of time. Even T. B Joshua cannot un-trap you

4. Ladies that don't want to Lose you

A lady may love a guy so much that her world revolves around him and may not want to lose him at all. As a result of this undying love, she will try to coerce him into unprotected sex and trap him down with pregnancy. This reminds me of a lady who started packing her luggage to my villa one after the other in a bid to cohabit the moment she felt she was about to lose me to someone else better than her. Ooooboi !!! Na so I grab race run comot for villa ooooo begin live for school hostel.

5. Retired Runs girls

It's true that a sizeable number of retired runs girls are even luckier thanthe decent ladies when it comes to finding good husbands. And it's paramount to know that there are some of these retired runs babes withdelicate records of countless abortions, which has put their lives in a state of damage beyond repair. Since they are retired from the job, they will however, look for a serious man they will date and when pregnancy sets in, na to fix wedding date the next Saturday and start distributing I.Vs

6. Ladies who are obsessed with Foreigners

Ronald4lif can bear me witness. When an average Nigerian lady confirms that you just returned back from United States, Germany, England and the likes, she tends to take you serious more than before. She can even pierce the condom you want to use on her. Don't ever engage in unprotected sex with her, otherwise, you don marry be that ooooo

7. Below Average Looking Ladies

I don't want to sound rude using the word "ugly", cos they it's said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This assertion implies that a ladywho looks ugly to you may be a damsel in the eyes of another dude.*That being said*When a lady is not pretty, hence, has little or no male suitor asking for her hand in marriage. When she comes across very handsome dudes ( E.g Naijaboiy, Decker, Wristbangle or Cutehector) who only want to chop and clean mouth. She wouldn't hesitate to even lose her virginity for them and the moment they are being impregnated, don't even think of abortion. They will starting packing their luggage to your house the next day(Though this assertion may not be 100% valid)

8. Ladies that have no Comfort or Shelter

Chop and clean mouth has been putting guys in bondage since the days of Lalasticlala. This reminds me of a friend who wanted to chop and clean mouth from one of the local Ebira girls in Ekiti, only for him to impregnate the girl and opted for abortion. The lady in question started telling stories of how a white garment pastor came to her house that morning and warned her against abortion, and that her great grandmother who died about 700 years ago also warned her never to abort any pregnancy, or else, she will die. I will be attending the naming ceremony of this friend of mine next week.

9. Ladies that are being Intimidated by Friends who are already married

Whether you believe it or not, no sensible lady derives attending wedding ceremonies every Saturday. However, some of them are usually intimidated when they see the wedding invitation cards of their friends whom they least expected would get married before them. By the reason of this, they might pierce the condom their boyfriends want to use on them, so as to trap him down for life

10. Feel free to add the last one.

I drop my pen at this point
Have fun

Original Writer: Tosyne2much

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