Big Boobs Barbie Wannabe wants to become more stupid

Big Boobs Barbie Wannabe wants to become more stupid

We are under no illusion that Barbie has no brain as she is made out of plastic, however Blondie Bennett is intent on becoming so much like her plastic idol Barbie that she wants to undergo hypnotherapy to make her BRAINLESS.

However a lobotomy may be a better option, as it’s hard to see how she can become more stupid than she already is.

Bennett has already changed her name to Blondie Bennett, undergone chin liposuction, Botox, breast implants and spray tans to become a real life Barbie doll which has already cost her £25,000 in surgery.

She now has a gigantic 32JJ boobs, however scale wise, it’s not that accurate to the plastic Barbie doll (the toy).

If Barbie was a real person she would have 39FF, however she would also be 7’2″, so it’s probably hard to become a life like Barbie.

Blondie Bennett is currently undergoing three sessions a week to make her more vacant and doing nothing to help feminism. She has said that she started to feel ditzy and confused all the time after the sessions and says that she often has experience of getting lost and being forgetful.

She said: “Recently I went to pick a friend up at the airport and couldn’t remember if I needed to go to departures or arrivals. I also got lost for three hours driving to my mum’s house – the house where I grew up.”

Blondie funds her surgery and ‘therapy’ the good old fashioned way by online sugar daddies. She charges desperate men ‘rent’ in exchange forsexy pictures of her dressed up as Barbie.

It seems she has always had high ambitions of been a Barbie doll, even in her teens Blondie started to dress like Barbie did and even drove the same Corvette car that the toy had, she said: “People thought it was justa phase but I thought to myself, As soon as I move out of home, I’m going to turn myself into Barbie. I was forced to live a double life until about eight years ago when I decided to become Barbie for real and ignore what other people said. ”

Many of her friends told her to give up her bizarre obsession with the plastic doll, however Blondie is un-repellent, she said: “Some other women pretend they are human Barbie dolls but I take it to the next level. I want people to see me as a plastic sex doll and being brainless is a big part of that.”

The Californian revealed: “When people ask why I want to be Barbie I think ‘who wouldn’t want to be?’ “She has the best life. All she does is shop and make herself look pretty – she doesn’t worry about anything.


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