Jonathan was a punishment to Nigeria – Renowned professor, Esiemokhai

Jonathan was a punishment to Nigeria – Renowned professor, Esiemokhai

Renowned academician and professor of International Law, Emmanuel Esiemokhai has described former president Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure as a punishment to the nation.

Speaking with National Mirror during the weekend in Abuja, the veteran teacher explained that the past administration failed woefully because Jonathan was incompetent.

According to the professor, Jonathan and the late president Musa Ya’Adua were imposed on the nation by the ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo as a “punishment” over his inability to secure third term in office.

“He (Obasanjo) imposed Jonathan, a man who studied fisheries, although hegot a PhD, but totally irrelevant to governance; no philosophy, no law, no economics, no sociology. How can you run a country without knowledge?

“Then, Obasanjo and E. K. Clark were in a race to influence Jonathan. Obasanjo would tell Jonathan: ‘this is what I think should happen.’ E. K. Clark would tell Jonathan: ‘this is what should be done.’

“As a result, there was total misguidance. The young man was confused. Since he didn’t study relevant subject; that was why we got the mess,” he said.

When reminded that Jonathan had held prominent leadership positions in the country before his ascension to the presidency, Esiemokhai said, “Knowledge-based governance is different from guess work. It is different from the advice of advisers. It is different from guessing.

“What experience did Jonathan have? He finished his PhD (in Port Harcourt). He studied primary school in Port Harcourt, secondary school in Port Harcourt. The only time he left his enclave was when he went to Osun state for National Youth Service programme.

“This is very narrow for a man who will rule a big nation like Nigeria. He didn’thave that intellectual outlook. He didn’t have that historical connection. He didn’t travel widely; he didn’t meet people. He was just a small lucky fellow who wanted (to work at) NNDC, he didn’t make it,” he said.


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