Knocked Up Or Nah: Is Kenya Moore Expecting Her First Baby At The Tender Age Of 45???


Welp, looks like she really did#MeetMatt…

Is Kenya Moore Pregnant With Her First Baby?

After previously revealing plans to conceive within the next year, did Kenya Moore make her dream of first time motherhood come true???

That’s the question that’s being asked after Phaedra Parks who previously slammed Kenya for “peddling through sperm banks to try to find a donor”, seemingly revealed that Ms. Moore is indeed expecting.

Phaedra appeared on Dish Nation this week and hinted that one of Cynthia Bailey’s “non-friends” might be knocked up.

“Honey I did hear that one of her NON best friends might be having a bundle of joy, so maybe she can be the godmother,” said Phaedra.“Is this person named after a country?” Headkrack joked.

“I think so, and some coffee. And she peddles around in sperm banks,”she added.

She also added that she has no idea who Kenya’s baby’s father could be.

“So you’re saying Kenya’s pregnant?” Headkrack asked.

“That’s what someone told me, but I haven’t confirmed it because I’m not a gynecologist,” Phaedra said.

“Only Jesus knows who that baby daddy is, if it is true.”

The obvious choice for baby daddy would be Matt Jordan, Kenya’s new man 15 years her junior who she’s been coupled up with.

Good for her if it’s true.

Do YOU think Kenya’s expecting her first child???


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