Man clings to the roof of his car in underpants after car thief tries to getaway


Man clings to the roof of his car in underpants after car thief tries to getaway

How would you react if you had a car which you loved and which you heard being started by a thief, would you run out in temperatures of minus 17C clad in just your underpants and then leap onto the roof?

Well a man in the Norwegian town of Kristiansand did just that when he heard the sound of his VW Passat being started.He firstly grabbed hold of the door handle, but the thief tried to shake him off, so the daredevil somehow manged to jump onto the car roof and with the help of the bars he managed to cling on whilst the thief sped along at a reported 56mph.

The brave, or as some might describe him foolish, 25 year old man clung on to the roof bars until the thief lost control and the car hit a bridge barrier which did what the thief had been trying to do, shake the VW owner off which left the man pretty blooded.

The local police chief was full of admiration for our daredevil, although he did stress, that whilst it was an incredible story he would not advise it.

Chief Ian Nesland described how the man lasted for seven kilometreson the roof; he likened it to a Hollywood movie, adding it was not possible for even Bruce Willis to do that!

He later commented: “It’s not something we would advise people to do, but now that he’s done it – well, it’s an incredible story.”

Our thief has been taken into custody, but we do not know how the owner of his beloved VW is faring after his chilly ride, or for that matter, the state of the Passat.


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