Nigerian wizkid floats magazine in American varsity


Nigerian wizkid floats magazine in American varsity

At 20,Chinenye Natasha Amadi stands out as a young publisher and editor of a campus magazine at the Syracuse University in New York, United States of America. Presently in her fourth year, studying Magazine Journalism and Information Management, she founded Renegade Magazine to promote the black culture.

Syracuse University was among five universities that offered her scholarship following her superlative performance in high school when she emerged tops with a 4.85 cumulative points. The four other universities include; City University of New York, Burruk College, Stony Brook University, University of Connecticut and University of Illinois.

In an encounter with Campus Sun during her visit to Nigeria recently to celebrate her vacation with loved ones, she discussed her experiencesas an undergraduate.

“Syracuse University,” she began, “has offered me a lot of opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have gotten in other schools. I’m a full scholarship student. I don’t pay anything towards my education, except my personal expenses. So, my housing is covered. My tuition is covered and even my books. I don’t pay for my books either. I live on campus apartment. And it’s just two of us who live in an apartment”.

She revealed how she took the bold step to roll out the first magazine to discuss the affairs of black people.

Her words: “It is the only black magazine on my campus. We write about issues surrounding the black community. Basically, the magazine is to celebrate black culture on and off campus. And I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine on campus. I manage a staff of about 25 students. I assign story ideas. I pick the general theme every semester and every year, we produce two issues. The theme of our last issue was feminism. We wrote on what it takes to be a black woman in America. We have models that come to our campus and we interview them. In 2014, I helped start the magazine and established it along with three other students –Ibet Iyang, Jasmine Holloway and Erica Parish. Its one of the things I’m most proud of while in Syracuse”.

She said her passion to promote the black culture is the motivating factor that led to the establishment of the magazine.

“We started the magazine because we felt all the other magazines on campus weren’t covering issues affecting the African-American community. So we wanted a magazine being dedicated to lifestyle on African-American. We write about Black history. Every issue, we have a whole page dedicated to one historical figure in the Black community.”

When this reporter asked if the publication yields some financial gains and how the team manages its resources, she replied, “Oh no. The school funds the publishing of the magazine. Every semester we make a budget and give it to the school based on the number of pages. But we distribute the copies of the magazine to students.

“But, we still get advertisers like local businesses on campus because we also do stories on locally-owned businesses around the Syracuse area. We get adverts from hair stylists, restaurants and other businesses. They advertise their businesses in our magazine and we do get some money to make T-shirts, stickers and stuffs like that for our staff”.

She recalled how, in the summer of 2014, part of her internship was with the Oprah Winfrey’s magazine where she served in the fashion department.

“We were in charge of all the clothes for the magazines –both the ones that they wore and the ones that are just pictured. We were in charge of getting the clothes, receiving them, doing invoices. I assisted in three photo shoots for September, October and November issues.

“I was personally selected by the stylist to assist on the photo shoot. I helped pick out the clothes that the models would wear. And then, on the day of the photo shoot, you have to help dress them up, help with the hair and makeup –whatever they need, setting up the set of the photo shoot. Of a couple of them, I did the one that was a makeover photo shoot. A few days, they selected a couple of women from all over America who did charity work.

“They picked five. They came into the office and they got a makeover. They got new hair. We all picked clothes for them dressed them up and they were in the magazine. It was a really fulfilling experience. That was summer of 2015, May to August. Every day from 9.00am till 5.00pm I would go to work there. It’s for practical experience. So you get to know the industry you’re getting yourself into after graduation.”

To encounter the young student is to have first-hand knowledge of what it really means to exude with youthful exuberance. Her mannerism as she speaks, gesticulating with virtually all parts of her body shows a very vibrant, active young girl and full of life.

In the course of this chat, Amadi gave an insight of the impact of schooling in Syracuse University.

“I’ve been able to study abroad twice,that is outside of the USA."


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