We are going to hit the nail on the head here – the middle name of some of our ex-beauty queens is CONTROVERSY. Yes! In capital letters. For them, moving from one controversy to the other has actually become second nature. As a matter of fact,  some of them now wear it like tunics and togas. Below are the 8 most controversial ones as well as how YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine arrived at that…

BIANCA OJUKWU Arguably the most beautiful girl ever produced by any pageant in Nigeria. She’s also arguably the most controversial. Her shocking romance and eventual marriage to ex-warlord and Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, fetched her the diadem. The noise, the initial denial, then the acceptance as well as the many years it took her late father to give his blessings are yet to be equaled by any other queen. Not forgetting that her father at some point even ‘suspended’ her mother, Caroline for supporting them subtly.
Nigeria’s only Miss Intercontinental, even the MBGN organizer, Mr. Ben Murray Bruce, was so alarmed and scandalized when he found out that he immediately started working on derobbing her – which Bianca got wind of and quietly resigned. Mrs. Ojukwu (nee Onoh) is the daughter of the former civilian Governor of Anambra State, Chief C.C Onoh while Ojukwu’s father, at a time in Nigeria, was one of our richest men. His name? Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu. Bianca and Ojukwu’s romance made headline news then majorly because of their almost 20 years age difference. But they pulled through inspite of everything – to the extent that before Ojukwu passed on in 2011, they had three children, Lorraine, Louis-Phillip and Jordan, and also ran a peaceful home.

Nike-OshinowoNIKE OSHINOWO Whaooh! What haven’t they written or said about Nike? Yet like the duck, she has managed to shrug all of them off. Possibly the most reported ex-beauty queen, her dalliances then with some white guys daily made front page news. Likewise the allegations of secret liaisons with some men of timber and caliber. None, however, compares to her failed romance, then marriage with man about town, Dr. Tunde Soleye of the Soleye Hospital fame. First, the man’s wife, Funmilayo accused her of wrecking their marriage. She did not stop there as she equally took her to court. Followed by her several battles with this and that business partner; medical challenge and trouble with endometriosis; the coming of her twins, courtesy foster parents, etc. Nike, in short, is not just controversial, but always in the news. And most times, for the unfavourable reasons.

AMA PETERSIDE Remember her? She was the beauty queen that lied about her age and had to be dethroned after it was uncovered. Now lying low, those who know the good looking South South ex-queen with a pointed nose told us that she’s now a tailor. Or a fashion designer, if you like. The drama that led to her dethronement was filled with twists and turns. And it wasn’t until incontrovertible evidences started emerging from where they had been lying fallow that she had to own up. Thus, her reign’s abrupt, shameful and controversial end.
OMASAN BUWA Omasan was just something else. Her lifestyle, weird relationships and so on kept hugging the covers of most celebrity journals while she reigned. She got married and divorced, went into buka business (Pepperholics), which failed, travelled abroad, came back again and currently works for the Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.
Omasan, to capture it succinctly, was simply wild – and it was a wild, wild Omasan all through her turbulent and controversy-prone reign.

WUNMI ADEBOWALE Wunmi was Miss Nigeria in 1989 and then in her 20s. A Chemistry graduate of the Lagos State University, her reign jumped into the controversial mode when it was uncovered that she was not only seeing Dr. Yemi Ogunbiyi of Tanus Communications, but was also pregnant for him! As the rumour gained grounds, she was taken off the social scene, from where she eventually had her baby. In fact, she is now Mrs. Ogunbiyi – and has continued to lie low. Attending events rarely, it is believed that she resides in England now.
regina-askia-williams (1)
REGINA ASKIA – Regina succeed Bianca. And as if on cue, she too didn’t stay away from controversies. In fact, hers were legion. From her failed relationships with actor Basorge Tariah Jnr. to her two failed marriages (first with Charles Orie and second with Rudolf Williams). Even her first child, Stephanie, came out of wedlock. Based now in the United States of America where she’s said to be a nurse, her involvement with Nollywood again fetched her additonal controversies, particularly her squabbles with Apostle Helen Ukpabio on the set of Highway to the Grave and ‘kiss and tell’ brickbat with her colleague, Victoria Inyama-Okri.

TOKUNBO ONANUGA Toks, like her friends call her, reigned in the 80s. Although very briefly. The reason being that it was uncovered at some point that she forged the papers with which she gained admission to the University of Lagos.
She was stripped of her crown, rusticated from school, made so much front page news that even after the whole thing had died down, her whereabouts remain unknown.
RITA ANUKU – Rita is controversial actor, Hank Anuku’s sister. Which means that controversy, maybe, runs in their family. Her reign wasn’t eventful. But no sooner did she vacate her throne than the controversies started raging. She got married to Igbo billionaire, Chief Hilary Unachukwu, which didn’t make it. As soon as both of them parted ways, allegations of reckless lifestyle, lesbianism and so on started trailing her. And till date, the story is still the same.

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