This White Guy Explains Why He Loves His Wife Being A Black Woman


This White Guy Explains Why He Loves His Wife Being A Black Woman.

This is me and my wife. I’m not with her because she is black. I am with her because I love her.

Love is color blind. I have been with white, black, Hispanic, etc.

I feel more home among her family than I do families of others I have been with.

Our personalities match better than any of the other relationships I have been in.

I love this woman….till death do us apart!

For many reasons. One of the reasons started at primary school.

There was a little girl who was a different color to the rest of us and I was, …, well, … whatever it is a 5 year old boy would be with someone who was just magical to him.

As an adoptee, I found that my birth mother ended up with black man and was married to him for over 30 years.

If preference is built in when it comes to sexual identity/orientation, then why not for other attributes – “gentlemen prefer blondes” and all that jazz.

But, holding hands and seeing the interlocked colors, I feel at peace.

Living my life, sharing it with a woman who is so different to me that I couldn’t have dreamt her.

There are several billion people on the planet. I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume you wouldn’t date all of them.

No to the bigots, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, smokers, alcoholics, co-dependents, fundamentally religious, right wing.

And as I’m straight, no to the LGBT community (sorry guys, I’m just not that into you).

And if excluding someone from the dating pool for some reasons, having other reasons to include/prefer some women for dating/marriage/family is perfectly reasonable.

But, the reasons to include are not the only reasons.

They are just the first step preferences.

There does need to be all the other things.

Mutual support and co-operation. A level of independence.

Intelligence – being able to hold a conversation is very important. Oh.

And a big butt. Cause I like big butts and I cannot lie!


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