T.I. says Beyoncé ‘Formation’ backlash is ‘Un-American’


T.I. says Beyoncé ‘Formation’ backlash is ‘Un-American'

T.I. is totally here for Beyoncé, and he’s also here tosupport the messagethat she brought to herSuper Bowl50 halftime show performance.

“It’s an attack on cops that attack our people,” he told TMZ of the performance that has everyone talking, which some have claimed was too politically charged for the Super Bowl.

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He then went on to question the backlash that has since followed the show.

“How they gon’ protest against our protest? I don’t think that Beyoncé was being malicious in any way in her demonstration, and I feel that anything thatis done to demonstrate against a pure demonstration is gon’ lose in the end.”

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He then called out an anti-Beyoncé rally that is supposed to take place later this month, on February 16, saying that people who were protesting the halftime show and its message were simply un-American.

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“Everything that we’re doing as far as the Black Lives Matter movement, it is to speak out and fight against unnecessary, unlawful death of our people, by people who are supposed to be put in a position of authority to protect and serve our people. So if you are against that, then to me, that is un-American.”


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