BLOOD in MILWAUKEE!!! Man Murdered Three Neighbors After Making Racially Charged Comments

Milwaukee Man Murdered Three Neighbors After Making Racially Charged Comments

This guy truly ain’t isht… What is really going on in Milwaukee these days?

According toNY Daily News reports:

Dan J. Popp, 39, has been charged with three counts of first-degree homicide for the murders of Jesus Manso-Perez, 40, Mai Vue, 32 and Phia Vue, 36 in their apartment building on the city’s south side.

The March 6 tragedy began when Manso-Perez and his 18-year-old son walked by Popp’s apartment and turned down the offer of a beer.

“Oh, that’s why you don’t speak English. You’re Puerto Rican,” Popp said, according to the son.

Father and son headed down to the basement to do laundry, but as they turned to walk back up the stairs, they were met by Popp looming over them with a rifle in hand, according to documents obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

He said, “You guys got to go,” and shot Manso-Perez in the head at point-blank range.Insane… It gets worse though.

He shot Manso-Perez’s son as well but he survived. Unfortunately a neighboring couple did not:

In another unit, the Vues, their four children and an adult relative heard gunfire and hid in a bedroom — but Popp kicked down the door and found the terrified family.

He ordered Phia to come with him and, afterward, his family heard gunshots.

Phia was found dead in a puddle of blood in the bathroom.When Popp came back to drag Mai out by her hair, the rest of the family fled.She was later found shot inside the building.

All three victims were pronounced dead at the scene.When police arrived Popp initially refused to speak with them but later voluntarily walked out of the building, surrendering his weapon, promisingto sit next to the police car by the curb, although no such vehicle was visible.

He is currently facing three murder charges and an attempted murder charge for wounding Manso-Perez’s son.

Pope’s attorney requested a mental competency exam during his first court appearance last week.

Do you think he’s mentally ill or is the racist poison that Trump has been spreading responsible?


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