COAL CITY BLAST!!! Popular Platinum Lounge Manager, Dubem aka Baba D Light Up Enugu As He Celebrates Birthday Party.(Photos)

The Coal city state was literally lit up last Saturday when Dubem birthday party took centre stage at the Platinum Lounge on the prestigious night.  It was fun galore as celebrities made sure they dazzle and add colour to the star- studded Club bash.

Powered by Platinum Lounge, the manager's party recorded ground-breaking attendance as the hall was filled to capacity.
A fusion of Abuja based big boys, Lagos wadded fellows and Enugu headline personalities held the audience spell-bound throughout the night of fun. It was indeed an emotional scenerio and a sight to behold when the celebrant popularly known as Baba D excites his friends, guests and fun lovers with his dance moves at the parked floor.
The synergy amongst DJ Jmaster and the Unpredictable DJ Darby took the show to its highest notch as the Platinum Manager mingled and interacted with his teeming fans while he danced his rave tracks. Other celebrities around added spice to the show just by making an appearance.
At the red carpet, during the party, the man behind the evening, Duben, said celebrating and hosting his birthday by Platinum was indeed overwhelming. He said that the reason behind the party was to appreciate his fans and friends as well as Thank God for his grace of another year.
Building up to the birthday party, Airtel, Guinness, Alexreports, Buchi Films, Big Small, Penthauze, others play key roles to ensure the historical staging of the Duben's birthday hosting.


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