FIRE on the MOUNTAIN!!! Girl Catches Her Friend Sleeping with Her Boyfriend, Strips Her (Photo)

Stupefaction enveloped residents of Obieruku, in Ukwani area of Delta State over the weekend when the unclad pictures of a 20 year old girl identified as Ifeoma flooded the nooks and crannies of the area.

Ifeoma was said to have allegedly snatched the boyfriend of her close friendand was disgraced by some hired suspected female cultists who striped her inside a forest after she was molested.

Sources say Ifeoma, the daughter of a popular furniture maker along Amai road, who is known as Abacha, was allegedly beaten and striped for daring “to sleep with her friend’s boyfriend.”

Trouble stated when Ifeoma was said to have left her father’s house and moved into a friend’s (Faith) abode after a minor disagreement with her dad.

Both friends lived together like sisters until Faith’s boyfriend who lives in Asaba visited Obiaruku to see his girlfriend where he met Ifeoma alone in the house.

It was said that one thing led to another and Ifeoma and the said boyfriend became engrossed in an “affair” while both awaited the arrival of Faith.

The boyfriend insisted to pass the night in the house, ‘”an offer that was gladly received by Ifeoma”.

Unfortunately, while they were locked in passion at night, Faith suddenly bumped into them.

In anger she had attacked them and subsequently sent her friend packing.

Ifeoma had thought everything would end there, but few days later she was waylaid by six cult girls on her way home from church, beaten up and stripped, with her unclad pics circulated in the area.

Sources say Ifeoma’s father has refused to take the matter up, blaming his daughter for her wayward life.


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