HABA!!! Female Corper Almost Got Rap*d At National Assembly .

She shared the terrifying experience herself. A female member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) attached to the National Assembly narrowly escaped being r*ped on Thursday afternoon.

The fair complexioned lady was seen crying profusely at the White House wing of the National Assembly complex at about 5:45pm.

She told people at the Senate wing of the White House how she narrowly escaped being r*ped.

She said that a heavily built man accosted her while she went to ease herself at one of rest rooms in the upper legislative chamber. The corps member said she was about to uncloth herself when she saw a man entering the rest room.

The lady said she sensed that it was unusual for a man to enter the room specifically made for women.

She added, "as the man approached me, I had no option than to scream and the man took to his heels."

Security operatives at the National Assembly did not respond to her scream, hence the man escaped.

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