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Sunday, March 27, 2016

HELP!!! She Started Frustrating My Life, Just After I Officially Proposed To Her – Young Man Cries Out

I need your advise ASAP.

Read my story below:

I made up my mind to put it here than killing myself thinking all by myself.I met this young beautiful lady about 2 years now and ever since we’ve beenfriends and just friends. I took it further to ask her out, but she declined but after up to a year of disturbance, she said yes and……Fast forwarded till present.

I Proposed my love to her with a ring and she was overwhelmed that day. She said yes without ado.

Backward to that time I asked her out. Yes, she told me she is dating one white guy. She told me it isnt anything serious and now she is no more dating him, just that they are now best of friends and he render helps to her. I believed her and we started the relationship.

After I gave her that ring, she has been one very…… girl. Its either we fight today, quarell tomorrow and…..She’s just been fruustrating my life.

One day we had a little misunderstanding over the phone, and the next thing I saw was her text, telling me she already flushed the ring. I was so mad that day, but I love her and I forgave her later.

Fastforward to last week, I saw a picture on her dp (she was wearing a guys cap and posed in a very lovely house). Without suspecting, I asked her where that nice place was and she answered that ‘why was i asking’?

I told her jokingly that just to know if that was her new house and she told me it was the white guys house and that was his cap she wore. My mind got heavy that day and I wasnt myself throughout.

Just of recent, what she did on her dp was so annoying. She snapped her hands and the guys hands on her dp, showing bothe hands as if telling someone “we are married”.

I told her to remove it which she did and told me it was an old picture, at least more than a year. Yes I believed and we moved on.

Now to the major problem im facing now, she doesnt pick my calls again. She will later call back and tell me she’s been busy or sleeping and that was why she isnt picking calls.

Apart from that, she doesnt chat again nowadays. She’s always online yet, she will never talk to me. She hasn’t replied my messages since 2days now…I need advise on what to do. I love her yet, I am afraid she already moved on.

Should I just break up with her or wait till……..?

Pls advise me.

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