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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

IMAGINE THAT!!! Lady harasses men sexually at burial ceremony (photos)

A new report about a lady who harasses men sexually at burial ceremonies has emerged.

According to a blog reader who wrote to Laila Ijeoma, this unexpected harassment went overboard at one point.

Read the mail below:

”I was at a burial ceremony and a dance troop was performing. It was all fun until one of the female dancer began to get sexually explicit. She was wearing only pant and bra. She would pick a man out and engage him in a bizarre type of sexual grinding that can make a man cum on his boxers.”I was terrified.

The young man was enjoying himself but had to run away at some point when the lady became more aggressive and was literally tugging his man hood.

It is indeed a very strange dance.

The lady picked the next victim and continued from where she stopped.”

Is this lady really dancing or sexual harassing people?

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