NICE ONE!! Two years as EX-GOVERNOR ,A WALK WITH THE LORD in his Vine yards .

The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi  at the ongoing dedication of Legacy Building at the Trinity Theological College, Umuahia in Abia state by the Primate of ANGLICAN CHURCH, Most Rev. Dr. Nicholas Okoh. 

Seeing Obi  among  over 100 Bishops and priests,the man with PAPALS KNIGHT in his Kitty ,the only man the entire NDI IGWE in ANAMBRA CAME TOGETHER and CONFER ON HIM THE TRADITIONAL TITLE OF OKWUTE NDI IGBO .
When those he scares are running from TOMB to RADIO HOUSE, to CARD CARRYING EPISODE, to SELF KIDNAPPING incident ,THE DECENT MAN OF THE NIGER ,the IJELE with a CAP is always at home at the house of the Lord and the blessing of the Lord is always with him .

As Obi was standing amongst the Bishops, I over heard Archbishop Chukwuma jokingly pointing at Obi's color of dressing, which made him to say: "Nwoke m,  iyikwu colo  akwa anyi", eliciting  laughter from the house of Bishops .
Other banters centered on how he ended gloriously as the best Governor Nigeria has had. Justifying this, Archbishop Chukwuma said: "you merit it, even if for your courageous return of schools to the Church and the grants of billions to them to rebuild those schools.".
One thunderous GBOSA to the IJELE WITH CAP .

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