OMG!!! Outrage over white teens pictured with racial slurs written on their bodies

Outrage over white teens pictured with racial slurs written on their bodies

Four Michigan high school students were suspended after an image began to circulate showing them with the N-word written on their stomachs.

Two white girls and a white boy were shown in the picture with the word “n****r” and “I heart n****rs” on their stomachs, while a third girl, also white, had written “I love weed” on her leg.

All four were suspended by Grosse Pointe South High School.

“We had four students at a party downstairs (in a home),” Superintendent Gary Niehaus told theDetroit Free Press.

“They went through the process of taking a picture, posting it online and once it went viral, there were exchanges back and forth between the students, resulting in two other students being disciplined for threatening comments.”

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“The threats were basically around the whole idea around snitches and why did you tell on these four?” he told WJBK-TV.

Senior Miracle Bailey told the Free Press said that her friend had confronted the girl who originally posted the image and asked her to take it down, but the girl insisted that “it was a joke.”

Bailey’s friend responded by sharing the image and spreading the word.

“It blew up on Twitter and went on to be posted on Facebook,” Bailey recalled.

“My first thought when I saw it I was a bit shocked and surprised. I was driving with one of my friends and she showed it to me and I just didn’t know there were people who felt this strongly or thought it would be a joke orsomething to joke about.”


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