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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SURPRISE!!! Donald Trump offers Negro blogger a job because she “has a great look”

During a press conference held at one of his hotels, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump plucked a woman out of the crowd and pulled heronstage to offer her a job.

The woman, a freelance blogger namedAlicia Watkins, said that she was a 9/11 survivor as well as a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The retired Air Force staff sergeant, who claimed also to have once been homeless, had been given clearance by the campaign to ask a question beforehand, and when called upon to do so, she asked Trump if he would include a veterans employment program in his new Washington hotel.

ABC’s ‘Scandal’ will have its very own Donald Trump-inspired characterAccording to The New York Post, Trump replied by pulling her up on stage with him and asking her about her qualifications: “We need good people, so what’s your experience, in front of the world?”

He later went on to tell the press that he would probably be offering her a job,saying, “If we can make a good deal on the salary, she’s probably going to have a job. She looks so smart. She asked a question and it was a very positive question. She looks like she’s got a great look.”

The encounter ended with a hug and a kiss on the cheek before Watkins left with a Trump associate.

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