WHAT?! Black cop’s pro-Trump, anti-protester video goes viral: I felt safe with Trump fans

Tucson police officer Brandon Tatum took to Facebook to describe his experience going to a Trump rally, even as the hashtag #SaferThanATrumpRally has been blowing up on Twitter.

Tatum, who said he used to support Ben Carson, took a decided pro-Trump stance, describing protesters at the rally in Arizona as “verbally violent” people who treated him “like a criminal.”

“These people were the most hateful, evil people that I’ve ever seen,” Tatum said of the protesters.

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On the other hand, he said, the Trump supporters behaved in the opposite manner.

“I’m an African-American man,” he said, “and I had no problems with people there going against me or wanting to hurt me.”

Tatum also described an incident in which a protester either hit or spit on someone and then “got his tail kicked,” though he updated the post later to say that “after further investigation the protester that was punched did not provoke the other male, according to authorities.”


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