Caught In The Act!! 60 Year Icream Seller Tried To Rape A 7-Year Old Child

The eyewitness, Ijeoma Faith, wrote:-

“This peadophillic man of abt 60 years named Egbe from Akwaibom was caught in my street this mrg at abt 11:15am when he lured a 7years old girl with d ice cream he sells, he had brought out his phallus to penetrate before he was caught.

Had to take the case up and ensured he was taken to the nearest police station, I don’t mind the cost but he has to bear the consequences by being sentenced, because this is definitely not his 1st time, but I promise it would be his LAST TIME.

My statement and that of 3 other people has been taken as he would be taken to court on Tuesday.

Everytime you keep hearing about RAPE, RAPE, RAPE!!!!!

This is a lesson to others that indulge in this act, one day you would be caught and be exposed.

#fightagainstrape #fightagainstrape #fightagainstrape”


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