HOLY GHOST FIRE!!! Pastor Releases Nude Photos Of Ex-Wife On Facebook


A Ghanaian pastor was said to have  allegedly ordered a photographer last year to take a nudee picture of Mame Kesewah in their bedroom.

The pastor who had two kids with the ex-lover, then posted the nude pictures on social media which caught the attention of many in the town.

Kesewah, recounting what happened on the duty the photos were taken, said that her face had been wiped with something by the pastor, shortly before the  the photographer came into their room.

She then became unaware of what transpired thereafter until Sunday evening when a friend came to inform her that her naked pictures were everywhere on social media.

The Chief ofDokrokyiwa, Baffour Anom who confirmed the incident to Ghanaian paper,Daily Guide, said the incident uncle of the pastor came to his palace on Monday and reported that, the pastor after divorcing his wife last year, posted the lady’s nude pictures on social media.

After his attention was drawn to this, he then ordered the arrest of the pastor and the photographer by the Kraboa Coaltar police.

When contacted about the matter, Ayensuano District Police confirmed that the suspects are currently in their custody and will be arraigned before a judge soon.


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