SAD STORY: My Parents Divorce Left My Life In Shambles

- First son of a broken home
I m not a good writer but I'll start here: sometime in 1998 my dad started beating my mum, he accused her, from his findings, of seeing another man. As the matter got serious, my dad sent her out of the house. As a then 11 year old first son of my parents, I took her sides with my mum.

But not too long I got to figure out that my mum was truly seeing another man.

I don't know who advised mum, but she went to court and dissolved the marriage. I was almost graduating from primary school then. I started missing mum on my graduation day, only dad was there, mum had left with my 2 younger siblings as a result of the divorce.

Not too long after their divorce, mum got married to the other man.

But the man has a wife before my mum, she sort of become his second wife. One thing led to another and the man's first wife left him, (I was too young to understand reason for divorce).

Her new husband started bringing other women to the house; my mum had no peace and could not enjoy in his house as she had thought. It was a sad experience for she and my two other sisters.

As day goes by, I and my immediate younger sister were going to school till we both graduated from high school, the other two also graduated but their story didn't end as they are currently baby mamas to men I'm not proud of. Only my immediate sister got married and is with her husband.

Being the only male child, I had to leave house and hustle; I have worked in several odd places you could ever think of. I was able to gain admission into the university but my other siblings could not, except my immediate younger sister who gained admission for part-time programme.

Along the hustling, my spirit was broken by the happening in my family and was constantly been molested, as no one was home to supervise me while I was growing, my mum husband's older son took advantage of me several times, (I hope I can forgive my parents).

Life continued, I graduated with a good grade, not the course I really wish to study though, I currently live and work in one of the states in Nigeria.

And here is my confusion, my dad and mum still separated wants me to be calling them often, each time I give them a call, they'd questioned why didn't you call me earlier (selfish). They don't even know where I work, talk less of where I live. Though they supported while I was in the university, but I still hustled to get school fees paid. I guess they want share returns (angry).

I am pouring out my mind and my life story, though some part are shameful reason why I did not shed more light. So please advice me because I feel like forgetting my parents and just keeping in touch with my immediate sister, not the ones that grew up with mum cos they are disappointments.

How can I forget all these issues and put my life on the right track? I'm really worried.

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