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Monday, April 18, 2016

Senators Fight Over Secret Sharing of New Exotic Cars

The secret distribution of the first batch of the brand new 108 Sport Utility Vehicles to some 36 senators last Thursday has started generating tension and ill-feelings among members of the upper chamber.

As you read this, some senators have collected the keys to the Land Cruiser jeeps.

But one of the angry senators alleged that only identified members of the pro-Saraki’s Like Minds Senators were favoured in the distribution of the vehicles.

He alleged that except for Lagos and Osun states where Saraki had no identifiable loyalist, his supporters in the South-West geopolitical zones were already in possession of the vehicles since Thursday.

“Those who collected their keys to the vehicles were identified Saraki supporters who had been following him to the courts since his corruption case started. So, they were being rewarded for their loyalty.

“The beneficiaries from Ondo, Oyo, Ogun were die-hard loyalists of Saraki but the beneficiaries from Lagos and Osun states were not members of the Like Minds. The senators who collected from Lagos and Osun, had the consent of their two other colleagues.

“I know they would push some of us to the last batch but we are not bothered. They met with us seeking our cooperation to move the Senate forward being members of the same party but see the type of injustice they are perpetrating now?”

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